• TEETH CLEAN LIKE JUST VISITED A DENTIST: High performance maglev brushless motor delivers 36,000 strokes brush per minute to efficiently remove stain and food residue from your teeth and gum.
  • 3 MODES FOR DIFFERENT ORAL CONDITION: For different types of cleaning needs, you can find suitable modes with Oclean F1 electric toothbrush. Easily switch the mode by 2 seconds long pressing on the button (or shortly press to on/off), equipped LED light will show the mode. Easy-operating electronic toothbrush just made for you.
  • 2H FAST CHARGE LAST 30 DAYS: Charge this electric toothbrush anywhere with any compatible USB charger (not included) or device with USB ports. Ideal for home and travel use. Don’t worry about running out of battery while traveling anymore.
  • EFFECTIVE YET COMFORTABLE CLEANING: The soft toothbrush bristles are made with DuPont filaments, 3D designed to fit the tooth surface as much as possible during brushing to ensure better cleaning effect. Besides, the bristle ends are gently curved to improve comfort and prevent your gum from damage.
  • 2 MINS TIMER, NEVER MISS A SPOT: F1 automatically stops after the dentist recommended brushing time with the built-in smart timer. It will also remind to change the brushing area every 30s, so that you won't miss cleaning a single spot in your mouth. Oclean electric toothbrushes aim to encourage good brushing habits.

Oclean F1 Sonic Electronic Toothbrush Travel Suit

  • Oclean F1

    Small Yet Powerful

    Looking for a value-worth electric toothbrush with powerful cleaning efficiency? Now introducing the Oclean F1 sonic electric toothbrush. Up to 36,000VPM with 3D designed toothbrush head. A 2 hours charge lasts 30 days. Simply switch 3 cleaning modes through the button above the LED indicator.

    Equipped with the new-gen magnetic suspension brushless motor, which offers:

    • Up to 36,000rpm brush strokes per minute
    • Up to 200 gf.cm, brush with more power
    • Low motor noise < 45dB, whole machine noise < 60dB
    • Lifetime of 50,000 hours, 10 times the life of traditional motors



    • Please don’t put the electric toothbrush on the charging base for a long time when not charging, as it many cause the built-in battery to decay prematurely.
    • The battery life is calculated by 2 mins/time, twice a day. The higher the intensity level, the shorter the battery life.