• UNUSUAL LCD TOUCH SCREEN: Global innovative 0.96” color LCD touch screen for easy and intuitive use. Simply set the mode, level and timezone with a few swipes. After brushing the report will directly displayed on the screen to help monitor your teeth-brushing quality. This is the first smart electric toothbrush to put all the information you need in your palm.
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: Oclean X delivers up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute and maximum 220gf.cm torsion with the new generation Maglev brushless motor, advanced over other regular electric toothbrushes. Significantly helps remove stain and improve oral and gum health. Get a bright and healthy smile in every new day with Oclean X.
  • 2H USB FAST CHARGE LAST 30 DAYS: A fully charge in 2 Hours offers 30 days long battery life, such charge technology may be never experienced on other rechargeable toothbrushes. 2-in-1 magnetic USB charge base & holder included helps charge easily and save space when not charging. Super reliable for both home use and travel.
  • CHOOSE A CLEANING PLAN YOU NEED: 3 high-performance brushing modes (cleaning / whitening / massage) and 32 intensities to be chosen from the color touch screen. No matter what conditions of teeth and gums you have, you can find a suitable brushing plan. With Oclean Pro app, you can personalize your brushing plans according to your needs, track your daily brushing performance and observe your brushing habits and stats.
  • NEVER MISS A SPOT WITH SMART BLIND ZONE DETECTION: Only 1 in 10 people brush teeth correctly. 90% of cavities and gum disease are caused by incorrect brushing. Oclean X electric toothbrush with built-in 6-axis gyroscope detects brushing motion and generates instant reports on your brushing performance. You can read your report directly on the color touch screen.

Oclean X Sonic Electric Toothbrush Color LCD Touch Screen

  • FAQ

    1. How to download the Oclean Pro app?

    - The QR code of the Oclean app is printed in the User manual or on the box, scan it or get it on app store.

    2. What should I pay attention to when I connect to the app for the first time?

    - When using for the first time, Bluetooth is turned off by default. After the first boot activation, Bluetooth will remain open. Please download the Oclean APP and connect Bluetooth in the APP.

    3. Whether other brands of brush head replacements are applicable?

    - Oclean toothbrushes are only compatible with Oclean special brush head. We will not bear any responsibility due to the use of any third-party accessory.

    4. How do I set up Oclean X using the touch screen?

    - The screen supports up and down, left and right sliding and long press operation. You can set the brushing time, brushing mode, cleaning force, etc. through the screen. If you need your own customized brushing solution, you can set it through the app.



    • Please don’t put the electric toothbrush on the charging base for a long time when not charging, as it many cause the built-in battery to decay prematurely.
    • The battery life is calculated by 2 mins/time, twice a day. The higher the intensity level, the shorter the battery life.
    • Without setting in Oclean app, the toothbrush will default to run for 2-MINS as a “standard cleaing plan”.